Velvet Soaps

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  • Velvet is a superior skin care brand with Hydrosoft Technology, creating a protective barrier that locks in the moisture to give supple velvety skin 
  • Velvet’s fragrance have been perfected for all Sri Lankan skin types ensuring skin remains  moisturised with a proud heritage of understanding our consumer psyche, we at velvet are always looking for refreshing new ways to deepen. 

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Rs. 62.00

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Jasemine & Hibiscus 

Silky Softness with the mesmerizing fragrance of Jasmine & Hibiscus. Velvet delivers soft and supple skin through Hydrosoft Technology. Dermatologically tested to be non-irritant on skin.

Honey & Yogurt 

Honey a d Yogurt are renowned heroes in the world of skin issues. The use of natural ingredients like honey can work wonders. Honey absorbs impurities and dirt from skin pores and a ts as ideal skin cleanser. Yogurt dissolves dead skin cells, helps create a natural glow, prevents breakouts and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. 

Kohomba & Aloe 

The Margosa oil, an active ingredient of Khomba (Margosa) soap, as powerful cleansing properties not only does it keep skin healthy, but it also cleanses. The body of all external impurities. Herbal beauty soap-Khomba pure, all natural soap for safe and healthy beauty therapy.