Marina Cooking Oil – 500ml

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  • High temperature stability
  • Saturated protected
  • Tasteless and odorless
  • Does not go through any chemical refining process
  • 100% Trans free process 
  • 100% GMO – free 
  • Marina cooking oil is typically used as frying oil both for industrial and Home use.
  • Also used for deep frying, and spraying.
  • It can be used as components in margarine, ghee blend, or for other applications where liquid oil is required.

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Marina Cooking Oil – 500ml 

Marina cooking oil is an Edible vegetable oil manufactured from physically refined Palm Olein which is derived from palm fruit. Marina Cooking Oil is an extremely stable, cost – effective deep-frying oil that lasts longer in your fryer, improving end-product yields. The high quality cooking oil contains a rich natural source of the pal fruit , which is hygienically processed packed under stringent international quality control standards to retain freshness and quality always. 


  • Extended frying life
  • Less oil absorption
  • Retains food flavor and natural taste of the food, not the oil
  • Consumer protection
  • Value for money 

Storage : In ambient temperature not above 30 C and below 60% relative humidity