Dates – Barhi (Loose) 1kg

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  • Quality products 
  • The finest plain dates 
  • Barri Dates are small and round and have a soft, some what chewy texture
  • This gorgeous variety of dates are known for having a sinfully sweet, butterscotch candy flavor
  • Dates are nutritionally rich in vitamins and minerals and contain natural sugars which make them an excellent source of energy
  • They can give u a great boost after recovering from illness or after you’ve been fasting

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Dates – imported (Loose) – 1kg

Culturally, fasters also ET dates during the ore dawn meal before the fast, to help maintain their energy levels throughout the day . They are law in simple carbohydrates which cause obesity and diabetes. A great source of natural fibres, dates to do wonders for your digestive system and intestinal movement. Hey are high in antioxidant which are great for neutralising free radicals which cause disease.