Curd – 1L

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  • Buffalo curd is obtained by bacterial fermentation of buffalo Milk. 
  • In this process lactose in buffalo milk is converted into lactic acid using several micro organism.
  • Buffalo curd has a higher nutritional value of protein, fat, lactose, minerals and vutamins. It should have 7.5% of milk fat, 8.5% of milk solids and 4.5% of milk acid 

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Curd – 1 Ltr 

Buffalo Curd can be made in both traditional and industrial forms. Traditionally buffalo milk is filtered and boiled, the scum is removed and it is cooled to room temperature. A few spoonfuls of a previous batch of curd are added and it is then mixed well and poured in to clap pots. These are sealed by wrapping a piece of paper over the pot and allowing in to stand for 12 hours.