Wijaya Atta Flour – 1 kg

  1. Atta flour is a form of wheat flour commonly used in South Asia cooking. 
  2. It is whole wheat flour made from hard wheat.
  3. Hard wheat have a high protein, vitamin and pack of nutrients so dough made out of Atta flour are strong and can be rolled out very thin .
  4. Breads made from Atta flour includes Chappati, Rotti and Puri .
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Wijaya Atta Flour – 1 kg


100% whole wheat 

Medical Values 

  • Helps in treating constipation
  • Helps in maintaining blood glucose level in a diabetic today.
  • Helps in improving your metabolism
  • Helps in preventing weight gain
  • Help in reducing the adverse effects in your digestive tract 
  • Prevent colon cancer
  • Helps in protecting skin and hair
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Rich source of Vitamin B
  • Prevent stroke 
  • Prevent breast and intestinal cancer 
  • Lowers cholesterol